Welcome from Donnie Chambless, Southwest Chapter President 2017-2018

Posted: Jul 24, 2017

As you know ASSE was founded in 1911 and is currently the oldest professional safety society in the world.  ASSE represents more than 36,000 members worldwide.  The Southwest Chapter alone boasts nearly 600 members plus a student section of some 60-100 students located at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant OK.

If you missed it, read that again. More than 36,000 people care so much about another human’s safety and health on the job that we dedicated our lives to the profession. We wake up daily ready to tackle whatever lies in our path to ensure a safer work environment.  While we sometimes feel like we are alone in that task, I assure you we are not.  150 chapters, 8 regions, 40 sections and 70 student sections worldwide prove that.

I started playing sports at a very young age. One thing that was hammered into my head was team work, team work, team work.  Steve Jobs stated:

“Great things in business are never done by one person.  They’re done by a team of people.”

That statement applies to most things in life and definitely applies to our vision and goals for the upcoming chapter year.

I follow a long line of outstanding OSH professionals who led this chapter and find it challenging to fill those shoes.  I plan on accomplishing that with an outstanding team of my own. I would like to introduce you to your leadership team for 2017-2018.

  • President
    Donnie Chambless

  • Vice President
    Nazeer Khaleeluddin

  • Treasurer
    Dylan Romo

  • Secretary
    Scott DeBow

  • Vice President – Communications
    Pam Smithson

  • Vice President – Professional Development
    Matthew Pickell

  • Vice President – Member Services
    Greg Bordner

  • Delegate
    William Propes

  • Delegate
    Russell Payton

  • Delegate
    Richard Bourlon


Please join me in welcoming this fantastic team of professionals.  We have already begun working hard to ensure a successful year.  Contact any of us with ASSE questions, concerns or comments.

August 24th we will be kicking off our new chapter year with a social hosted at Anamia’s Tex Mex in Plano, TX.  Please bring your family or a colleague and join us for some laughs and networking.  Other events coming up include the Region III PDC (September 11th – 12th) in Hurst, TX, and the joint meeting with the AIHA (September 22nd) in Euless, TX.  Information on all of our events and the latest happenings within the chapter can be found on our website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to serving you during the 2017-2018 chapter year.